Men’s Dance Trousers ‘Lucas’

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Exclusive at Mava Lou: Men’s trousers from label ‘Tanzkönig’

Lucas – It’s a broadly cut pleated waist trousers with narrow end-seams, in the beloved Argentinian form. The easy-to-care material is cut from inwoven black-on-black stripes, both elegeant and of highest quality. Trousers Lucas makes for a perfect fit and moves effortlessly with the body – for all of your dance-filled nights.

The wide belt loops and the angled hand-pockets are lined with satin-piping, a fashionable detail. The right side of the trousers is adorned with a black tapered-coin pocket, and derriere pocket, also rimmed with piping, is sealable with a button.

The trousers lining is also crafted with the highest care, leaving nothing to be desired: The waist is inner-lined with a comfortable black band, the handpockets are constructed of cotton wool, high-quality lining stitched in the seams and a wide waist under and over-lining with counterbuttons make for a perfect fit on the waist.

With men’s trousers Lucas your next appearance on the dance floor will be a memorable one – thanks to Mava Lou und Tanzkönig.

The easy-to-care material is washable at 30° temperature, and Mava Lou suggests a ‘gentle wash’ cycle.

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