Salsa & Tango skirts

Salsa & Tango skirts


Either in classic black, dance skirts with fishtails,  asymmetrical skirts, oder flighty Tango skirts in romatic pastels: Skirts + Tops are always the perfect choice for Milongas and Salsa parties.

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Rock Alicia

139.00 *

Salsa & Tango Skirt ‘London’

A classic number for Tango Argentino or Latin dance. Mava Lou’s fishtail dance skirt made from soft black jersey.

79.00 *

Rock Nizza

79.00 *

Tango & Dance Shirt ‘Dallas’

A classic for Tango Argentino or Latin. A dance skirt made from black jersey: feminine, unique, sensous – with a sexy slit.

79.00 *

Tango & Dance skirt Beniko

Designed for Tango Argentino, this dreamy blossom-print on blazing red jersey shows how sexy, sexy can be.

109.00 *

Salsa & Tango Skirt ‘Amsterdam’

A clasically feminine black tango skirt with slender cut in the front and an expansive cut in the back.

79.00 *

Salsa & Tango Skirt ‘Colombo’

Inspired and inspiring: Red Tango skirt, made from red jersey with delightful swing and plenty of variations.

89.00 *

Tango / Dance Top ‘Fuxia’

Fuchsia-colored Milonga skirt made from jersey with an elegant fishtail back for that particular swish on the dance floor.

79.00 *

Salsa & Tango Skirt München

Our best-loved skirt. An asymmetrical dance skirt made from red jersey. Perfect for tango & salsa. Simple and elegant.

79.00 *

Salsa & Tango Skirt ‘Berlin’

A fan favorite. An asymmetrical dance skirt made from black jersey. Classic, elegant and perfect for Tango and Salsa.

79.00 *

Salsa & Tango Skirt ‘Inca’

Fire alarm Red! Stunning Salsa & Tango skirt in striking fire-alarm red, sporting a classic cut.

79.00 *

Salsa & Tango skirt ‘Atlanta’

The absolute classic skirt for Tango Argentino or latin dance, in black jersey: feminine, unique, playful, sexy, sensous and inspired.

89.00 *

Salsa & Tango Skirt ‘San Telmo’

Classic yet thrilling: Red and Black Tango Skirt with a subtle peaked-tail.
It’s pure Tango.

129.00 *
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