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Dance Trousers for men ‘David’

Dance Trousers ‘David’ – casual with a straight cut with a wide seam. A comfortable fit and a sporty look makes ‘David’ a trend-setter.

129.00 *

Men’s Dance Trousers ‘Leon’

Men’s dance trousers Leon: narrow-cut black trousers with a discreet coin pocket and satin black-on-black piping.

119.00 *

Men’s Dance Trousers ‘Lucas’

Lucas – The Argentinian – now in size 46! Black with wide cut pleats at the waist and a narrow end-seam.

119.00 *
In stock

Men’s dance trousers ‘Damian’

Damian – trousers with classic cut for Tango Argentino, Swing, Standard & Latin. Not too narrow, not too wide, and not too fussy.

119.00 *
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