Delivery, Shipping & Payment

Delivery times

Mava Lou’s delivery time ranges between 6-9 days.

This delivery time is first calculated from the time of the pre-payment and bank booking, specifically one day after payment transfers (bank transfers or Paypal) are made into our credit institute. Debit payments made to us will be booked in on the day of the order and the delivery time then begins immediately aftwerward. If the ninth day of the delivery time falls on a Saturday or Sunday or a recognized bank holiday at the official point of delivery, then the delivery will be made on the next available business day.

Any questions related to our products, order transactions, or other details will be answered by telephone during our hours from Monday to Friday, from 13.00 to 19.00 (Europe Central Time) at +49 (0)30 600 31 734.
We'ed love to hear from you!

Shipping costs and payment:

At the moment shipping is free.

All shipments are made with DPD. Shipping to a DPD packing station is not possible.

We accept payments in the following three options:

- Bank Transfer

- PayPal

- Direct Debiting (only possible for our customers within Germany, sorry!)

Shipping is possible to the following countries and territories:

Austria (Österreich)

Belgium (Belgique / België)

Czech Republic (Česká republika)


Denmark (Danmark)

Estonia (Eesti)

Finland (Suomi)


Germany (Deutschland)

Greece (Ελλάδα)


Italy (Italia)

Latvia (Latvija)

Lithuania (Lietuva)


Hungary (Magyarország)


Netherlands (Nederland)

Poland (Polska)


Slovenia (Slovenija)

Slovakia (Slovenská republika)

Spain (España)

Sweden (Sverige)

Switzerland (Suisse / Schweiz)

United Kingdom

Any and all questions will be gladly taken from Monday to Friday from 13.00 to 19.00 (Europe Central Time) in our production studio at Telephone number +49 (0)30 600 31 734.