Tango/Dance dress ‘Dolly’

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Romantic? Playful? Sexy? Dress Dolly is all three, and above all: BEAUTIFUL!

°*° This beauty has limited availabilities, so don't wait: First come, first served, and first to dance! °*°

Mava Lou’s dress Dolly is fashioned from tango red viscose-jersey, overlayed with a black spotted mesh – very close to high-quality lace. The softly falling jersey, with its classicly recognized tango color, nestles itself with every movement, and faithfullly conforms after a dance-filled night to a perfect seat. A band of mightnight black jersey lays across the waist featuring a built-in Godet, which swings and swishes seductively during dance. This jersey band includes shimmering glossy black sequins, which sparkle with every movement.

The torso captivates at first sight with its round neckline and playfully romantic see-through sleeves. The backside features the WOW-effect: A striking drawcord on the neck running down right to the Godet. Resting on the nape of the neck, the cords are made from black jersey and can be tied in various fashions.

The skirts section is longer in the back than in the front, and meet in  each other in pointed form in the middle. The figure-hugging form of Dolly’s cut emphasizes the feminine form. In short: A dress that exemplifies how LOVELY a sexy and playful romantic garment can be!

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  • 30° gentle wash

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