Tango shoes

A love letter to your feet:

Tango and Salsa shoes from Mava Lou in Berlin

Because your dazzling Outfit will clearly require the correct footwear, Mava Lou offers also Tango und Salsa shoes. Now every dancer can float onto the dance floor, dressed to the nines, from head down to the toes.

Which Tango and Salsa shoes can one find at Mava Lou

Mava Lou carries the well-known brands

Madame Pivot / Monsieur Pivot

Tangolera (Bandolera)

Rosso Latino



La Rosa del Tango

You'll find women’s shoe sizes 35–41 (European), and men’s shoes in sizes 41–46 (European).

Mava Lou’s dance shoes selection: trendy and stylish

We’re always on the hunt for exciting and stylish dance shoe brands to expand our selection. Rather than stock one model in large quantities, we’ed rather stock a number of current styles. The selection of Tango and Salsa shoes ar Mava Lou are chosen to blend carefully with our fashions. The sexiest, most stylish, trendy, creative and danceable shoes are the proven favorites that find their way to Berlin.

The Look of Tango and Salsa shoes

Tango shoes are distinguished mostly by a higher heel, and Salsa shoes often have a somewhat lower and slightly broader heel. Mava Lou oofers a fairly mixed balance of Tango and Salsa shoes with a heel height from 5.5 to 9.5 centimeters. Beyond the heel, the design features are also an important consideration; open sandal styles, peep toes, closed models, shoes with coverings and open heels, buckles, glitter, prints, blossoms – everything the heart desires is available. Rounding out the decision is obviously our rich selection of shoe colors, from bold summer reds to deep pinks to lusterous turquoises. Shoes in reflective bronze, silver and gold are represented in our collection as well as styles in sober colors such as black and dark blue for a truly classic look. We are constantly receiving new shipments with new designs, so regular visits to our shop are recommended for those truly hunting for that special shoe.

Do I really need dance shoes?

Admittedly, Tango and Salsa shoes are more expensive than ordinary street shoes. One should take into consideration the extreme distances these shoes travel to land on our shelves. Mava Lou import our shoe styles from Buenos Aires and Italy for only the best reasons: it’s in those locations that are found shoe production with ‘know how’, experts in their field, that concieve the designs especially for Tango and Salsa. They produce shoes with elastic stabilizing dance soles and leather soles, perfectly performing on the dance floor, be it shiny parquet, smooth stone floors or open air dancing.

Where can I obtain Mava Lou’s dance shoes?

Tango and Salsa shoes are love letters to your feet. Therefor it is imperative to try them on when purchasing. It is absolutely imperative to take some steps in your chosen shoes, perhaps a turn, to determine if your foot is sitting correctly and if you are comfortable with the heel height. You’ll find your perfect shoe along with expert advise and help only in our shop in Berlin’s Kreuzberg. Mava Lou’s shoes are not made available online.