Tango & Dance skirt Beniko

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Skirt Beniko: brilliantly beautiful!

°*° Not everyone can get their hands on Skirt Beniko: this Mava Lou garment is produced exclusively in limited numbers. °*°

Our newest Mava Lou favorite Skirt Beniko is double sexy: Two dashing layers of material. First, a blazing red lace with a romantic blossom pattern lays over a skirt of tango red high-quality jersey. The layer of lace overlays the underskirt by a slightly longer length, revealing just a touch of lace-covered leg that is a guaranteed attention-getter.

The snug-fitting skirt features a drawcord over the side-slit, that can be worn on the side or on the back, affording countless style possibilities. To be sure: Skirt Beniko, regardless of top combination, feminine, timeless and so sexy, and is perfect for your every occasion, be it your next Milonga, summer party or casual outing.

Skirt Beniko, the waistband and the drawcords are crafted from high-quality tango red viscose-jersey. The stylish material is soft to the touch and is non-reflective for a timelessly elegant appearance.

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  • 30° gentle wash

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