Salsa and Tango Trousers


Tango and Salsa trousers enjoy great popularity at Milongas. Trousers are a trendy alternative to skirts or dresses. Mava Lou offers knee-length basics made from jersey, full trousers made from satin, chiffon or jersey, and natural sexy knee-length trousers with details and open slits for any Milonga or dance evening.

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Hose Miriel

109.00 *

Hose Aumina

109.00 *

New Hose Moon

99.00 *

Salsa & Tango Trousers ‘Palermo’

Salsa & Tango trousers made from jersey with decorative piping and generously wide legs. A must for real trendsetters.

99.00 *

Salsa & Tango Trousers ‘Madrid’

Black essential dance trousers for Tango, Salsa or Swing. These comfortable trousers unfolds its beauty on the dance floor.

69.00 *

Tango Trousers ‘Vancouver’

Tango & dance trousers with alluring side-slits down the legs. Soft and light, jet-black jersey which flow wonderfully.

99.00 *

Salsa & Tango Trousers ‘Siena’

Full-length jersey trousers connected to a truncated skirt. Perfect for Tango Argentino and Salsa...and for every other day!

109.00 *
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