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The Mava Lou Collection comprises billowing trousers, sexy dresses, swishy skirts, backless tops and fashions for dance training, all designed in Berlin by Christiane Bär.
Berlin is Europe’s Capital of Tango, and our base for our creative inspirations: Mava Lou is designed, produced, sold and shipped from our atelier and boutique in the trendy and leafy Kreuzberg district, where beyond our Online-Shop offer you will also find our popular one-off unique garments, and a vast assortment of imported salsa & tango shoes.

Enjoy shopping in our online shop!

Christiane Bär, Proprietor Mava Lou

New Tango & Dance skirt Jasmin

This blossom-rich tango skirt, designed for Milongas that go deep in the night, leaves no heart untouched.

109.00 € *

New Tango & Dance Top Mirabell

Mava Lou’s newest darling: the creme-colored Top Mirabell, embellished with a ravishing blossom print.

45.00 € *

New Tango & Dance dress Kimora

The sinfully sexy blossom print combined with the elegant cut of dress Kimora guarantees attention.

139.00 € *

Top Havanna

39.00 € *

New Tango & Dance skirt Alea

A romantic blossom-patterned black lace lays over tango red jersey for unparalleled elegance.

139.00 € *

Tango & Dance top Flora

A timelessly elegant blossom print combined with a figure-flattering cut and a stunning plunging 'waterfall' neckline.

59.00 € *

New Tango & Dance skirt Beniko

Designed for Tango Argentino, this dreamy blossom-print on blazing red jersey shows how sexy, sexy can be.

109.00 € *

Dance Trousers for men ‘David’

Dance Trousers ‘David’ – casual with a straight cut with a wide seam. A comfortable fit and a sporty look makes ‘David’ a trend-setter.

129.00 € *

Top Jarah

49.00 € *

New Tango & Dance skirt Hanami

A Spring classic for Tango Argentino: an enchanting red dance skirt made from soft flowing jersey, with a blossom print.

89.00 € *

New Dance & Tango top Misaki

An elegant blossom print on bright red jersey harmonizes with an figure-flattering cut and feminine plunging neckline.

49.00 € *

New Kleid Barcelona

119.00 € *

Top West Bay

39.00 € *

Men’s Dance Trousers ‘Lucas’

Lucas – The Argentinian – now in size 46! Black with wide cut pleats at the waist and a narrow end-seam.

119.00 € *

Salsa & Tango Skirt ‘Colombo’

Inspired and inspiring: Red Tango skirt, made from red jersey with delightful swing and plenty of variations.

89.00 € *
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