Tango & Salsa Top ‘Jarah’

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Mava Lou’s Top Jarah: take your dance partner’s breath away

°*° This product has proved extremely popular and is available only in limited numbers, therefor: First come, first danced! °*°

Mava Lou’s Top Jarah is on undeniable sexy from the very first glance, and will take your dance partner’s breath away. Your second look captures your heart with its creme colored refined design and cut, which allows countless possibilities on how the piece can be worn.

Top Jarah‘s front is made from a creme colored jersey overlayed by a layer of fine black mesh with a filigree blossom print. This translucent lace is also found on Jarah’s backside, an absolute attention-getter.

The backside features a drawcord that allows for multiple styles allowing how the top can be worn. In the seams of the arms are concealed further drawcords that control how high the top is worn and exactly how much neckline is presented. These cords are creme-colored as well, and can be worn on the shoulder, on the back, or on the front with a simple knot or bow.

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