Salsa & Tango Dress ‘Toscana’

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Timeless, elegant – simply a classic!

Named for perhaps the most captivating region of Italy, Mava Lou’s Dress Toscana is a timeless, elegant classic in deepest black. This Carmen-inspired garment is refined with discreet shoulder-pleats and a raglan sleeve (a diagonal seam from underarm to collarbone), for a comfortable off-the-shoulder option. The skirt is of fishtail design, with a longer backside tapering to a lower-hanging point in the center.

Rounding out the sensuous design are the sleeves crafted from fine black mesh punctuate by black points. This material is also used between the hips and waist where it is featured as a band that runs from belly over the waist to the back, where it is gathered to a waistband.

Mava Lou’s Dress Toscana is crafted from high-quality viscose jersey that is soft to the touch, features a pleasant volume and most importantly, is opaque and not transparent.

Although our photos of Dress Toscana shows the perfect tango dress, we’re obliged to mention: shoes not included!!

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