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Tango & Dance dress Amaris

A romantic blossom print combines with finespun lace to create a Tango dress that becomes THE fashion statement on the dance floor.

139.00 € *

Tango & Dance skirt Hanami

A Spring classic for Tango Argentino: an enchanting red dance skirt made from soft flowing jersey, with a blossom print.

89.00 € *

Dance & Tango top Misaki

An elegant blossom print on bright red jersey harmonizes with an figure-flattering cut and feminine plunging neckline.

49.00 € *

Top Jarah

49.00 € *

Tango & Dance Top Mirabell

Mava Lou’s newest darling: the creme-colored Top Mirabell, embellished with a ravishing blossom print.

45.00 € *

Tango & Dance skirt Jasmin

This blossom-rich tango skirt, designed for Milongas that go deep in the night, leaves no heart untouched.

109.00 € *

Tango & Dance trousers Amarena

Perfectly fashioned Tango trousers for dance-filled nights: expressive blossom pattern, delicate lace and comfortably fitting jersey.

109.00 € *

Tango & Dance skirt Beniko

Designed for Tango Argentino, this dreamy blossom-print on blazing red jersey shows how sexy, sexy can be.

109.00 € *

Top Havanna

39.00 € *

Top Kora

49.00 € *

Salsa and Tango skirt Liviana

A dream in Prussian blue: Skirt Liviana’s refined cut and bold bossom print presents numerous style options.

99.00 € *

Tango & Dance dress Kimora

The sinfully sexy blossom print combined with the elegant cut of dress Kimora guarantees attention.

139.00 € *

Tango & Dance top Flora

A timelessly elegant blossom print combined with a figure-flattering cut and a stunning plunging 'waterfall' neckline.

59.00 € *

Tango & Dance skirt Alea

A romantic blossom-patterned black lace lays over tango red jersey for unparalleled elegance.

139.00 € *
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