For the Milonga & Salsa Party


The best part of dance classes? The Milongas & die salsa parties afterward!

What to wear? A dance top with sequins or an elegant Tango dress in firecracker red?

Tango trousers with slits down the side or a dance skirt with lace inset? Even though you’re really more a jeans type? In the tango festivals in Berlin, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Prague and all over Europe, more and more of our customers are wanting to make a grander entrance. In this category you’ll find tango dresses, tango trousers, salsa dresses and one-pieces, to fulfill your grandest and most glamourous fashion dreams!

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Kleid Emma

139.00 *

Shirt Sevilla

59.00 *

Shirt Astrella

59.00 *

Rock Nizza

79.00 *

Hose Anastasia

119.00 *

Tango & Dance skirt Hanami

A Spring classic for Tango Argentino: an enchanting red dance skirt made from soft flowing jersey, with a blossom print.

89.00 *

Tango & Dance dress Kimora

The sinfully sexy blossom print combined with the elegant cut of dress Kimora guarantees attention.

139.00 *

Dance & Tango top Misaki

An elegant blossom print on bright red jersey harmonizes with an figure-flattering cut and feminine plunging neckline.

49.00 *

Dance & Tango Dress ‘Barccelona’

A Dancer’s dream: Daring red tango dress featuring black lace edging. Watch the dress swish on the dance floor.

119.00 *

Tango & Salsa Top ‘Jarah’

This IT-number is one of our significant beauties and reveals how sexy spring blossoms can be.

49.00 *

Dance & Tango Top ‘Kora’

A classy blossom print on Prussian blue jersey, harmonized with a figure-flattering cut and a feminine plunging neckline.

49.00 *

Salsa and Tango skirt Liviana

A dream in Prussian blue: Skirt Liviana’s refined cut and bold bossom print presents numerous style options.

99.00 *

Salsa & Tango Dress ‘Feuerland’

Tango Red! Dance dress for Tango, Salsa and Ballroom, made from soft jersey, with pleats and kimono sleeves, all in fire-cracker red.

119.00 *

Tango & Dance Skirt ‘Maiko’

Skirt ‘Maiko’– a classic feminine cut combined with a romantice blossom print. Every dancer blossoms in skirt Maiko!

99.00 *

Salsa and Tango Top ‘Raven’

Flower power for night revelers: Elegant blossom print on midnight black jersey with figure-flattering cut and plunging neckline.

49.00 *

Tango/Salsa Trousers ‘Mary-Lou’

Mary Lou joins Trousers & Skirt for the perfect outfit with glitter & glamour for dance-filled nights!

119.00 *

Kleid Wien

119.00 *

Kleid Malta

119.00 *

Kleid Valencia

119.00 *
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